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Any Reason, God?

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Let’s get straight to the point, because who knows that the end will come too fast that I haven’t got the chance to finish this post. You have to read this post quickly too, because who knows the end will come too fast that you haven’t got the chance to finish reading this post.

Days ago, West Java and Jakarta was attacked by a seven-point-something richter scale earthquake. I was in Bandung when the earthquake occured. Sure, it was nothing compared to Aceh’s tsunami tragedy, but the latest earthquake occurence is surely the scariest earthquake experience that I have ever felt. After the earthquake, I saw my own reflection in the mirror. My lips were pale. I am very afraid at that time.

Hours later, there were rumours about a follow up earthquake. Not just an earthquake, but an eight-point-six richter scale earthquake. Fucking terror. I am afraid, of course. I even started to think whether it’s going to be the end of the world or not. Well, lucky for me, a rumour is just a rumour. Nothing more.

Enough about the earthquake.

Why do God created solar system and all of its habitants if in the end He decided to destroy all of it? What is His purpose of making us? What is our purpose? Is God too arrogant to explain all of this to us? Was God being irresponsible and reckless when He threw us here? Was God took the wrong choice when He chose Adam and Eve rather than the devil? Those were the questions that was flying around in my head shortly after the earthquake. I am not saying that I haven’t think about those things before, but the urge to find the answers to those questions really increase shortly after the earthquake.

Those questions, I have the answers for. It may not be good, but at least I tried.

To think of it, God created human being without no exact purpose known to mankind. There are no exact explanation about it. God also created natural disasters without no exact purpose known. Does God created natural disasters to see us human being suffers? After all, He likes to be worshipped. He likes to feel superior. Don’t believe? Thoroughly check your own religion’s holy book.

Since there are no exact explanation about those questions, we have to die first to get the answers. As for me, I like to think that God created the solar system, the habitants, and the natural disasters to have something to see. For me, we are God’s Real World. We are God’s The Osbournes. We are God’s Survivor. We are God’s Amazing Race. Heck, we are even God’s Laguna Beach. Yes, we are God’s own reality show. Maybe a life in heaven is not as exciting as life on planet earth and doesn’t provide as many great shows on the television as earth does. Like David Byrne said, “Heaven is a place where nothing ever happened.” So, in able to still be far more superior than human being, He decided to create a reality show with many characters in it, complex story with many layers, and a never ending episode filled with laughters that is caused by something funnier than any Scrubs’ jokes, sadness that is caused by something deeper than any soap opera scripts, conflicts more complex than any David Lynch’s movie, disasters more groundbreaking that God Himself is capable of.

Did you read this post quick enough to reach this point? Or did another calamity already take place? Well, all I can say is just good luck.


Written by Reno Nismara

September 5, 2009 at 12:02 am

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A Conversation Between Man and God

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Man : “Hello God, how are you?”

God : “Never better, Man. How about you?”

Man : “Quite fine. Thanks to you.”

God : “You are very welcome, Man. But remember, I know everything. I know that there’s something disturbing you. What’s wrong?”

Man : “You got me there, God. Actually, I have many questions about life.”

God : “Really? What is it? Ask me, I am quite certain that I will have the answers to all your questions.”

Man : “Nah. It’s okay. I think it’s better to keep the answers hidden.”

God : “It’s okay, Man. I won’t be mad because of a question from a man.”

Man : “If you insist.”

God : “I’m insisting.”

Man : “Okay then. Hmmm…First question, who made the television set, God?”

God : “It was me. But I used a man named Vladimir Kosma Zworykin and Philo Taylor Farnsworth as the media.”

Man : “Was it two people?”

God : “They share the invention. Zworykin invented the iconoscope and Fansworth invented the electron scanning tube.”

Man : “Nice, even though I don’t know what that means. Next question, may I know who is the maker of cigarette?”

God : “Of course, Man. It was me, but this time the media is the Arawak people of the Caribbean.”

Man : “Wow. Great. You really know everything.”

God : “Remember, Man. I am God.”

Man : “Indeed you are. But I still have questions that I need to ask.”

God : “Sure. Shoot it, Man.”

Man : “Who made all the plants in the universe, God?”

God : “It was me, Man.”

Man : “No media this time?”

God : “No. It was purely me, except the fake ones that your kind made.”

Man : “Nice. What about the animals?”

God : “It was me. No media.”

Man : “Even the dinosaurs?”

God : “Of course.”

Man : “But what about Dolly? Dolly the sheep?”

God : “O yeah. How is she? I remember her. She’s a cute sheep, isn’t she?”

Man : “Yes, she is. You use some scientists as the media, aren’t you?”

God : “Indeed. I only help the scientists. I pitied them.”

Man : “Cool. What about me and all of my kind?”

God : “Me.”

Man : “Even Lou Reed, Kurt Cobain, John Lennon, Jim Morrison, Brian Jones, and Elvis Presley?”

God : “Yup.”

Man : “So you also made Michael Jackson?”

God : “Yup.”

Man : “But why?”

God : “It’s personal.”

Man : “Okay, I get it if you don’t want to tell me. What about the solar system?”

God : “Me.”

Man : “The angels? Gabriel and such?”

God : “Me.”

Man : “The devils? Lucifer and such?”

God : “It was me. Sorry for that.”

Man : “It’s okay, but what about you? Who made you, God?”

God : “Errr…………”

Written by Reno Nismara

December 16, 2008 at 6:08 pm

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