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Stay Primitive

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That word is filled with negative things. Ancient, less sophisticated, lacking, isolated, untrained, and many other negative things.


That word is filled with positive things. Up to date, new, intellectual, developing, change, and many other positive things.

That is what people think. The vast population of the world thinks that way. At least, the majority of planet earth thinks that way. But think about this, if there’s no primitive, there will be no modern. It’s the less sophisticated that made the intellectual, it’s the isolated that made the change, it’s the ancient that made the new. Stop thinking that the primitive is bad and the modern is good. It’s actually the opposite.

Imagine this, a group of people living with each other accompanied by only natural things. Imagine this also, a group of people living with each other accompanied by both natural things and also advanced technologies, like cell phone, internet, game console, et cetera et cetera. Which one will be better? As for me, it’s the first one. Why? If you don’t have anything to help you live your life, you’re going to make one that does so. You’re going to be more determined if you think like a primitive. And if you think like a modern, you’re going to sit on your ass all day, thinking about sex, money, and fame. Just like me, although I am trying hard to think like a primitive. If at the ancient time, the primitive can think of something new like making a fire without any knowledge about it by only using natural things, imagine what we can think of making in the modern time with many knowledges by using both natural things and sophisticated man made things.

If  Steve Jobs motivate the world by telling us to stay hungry and stay foolish. I am going to motivate you all by saying, “Stay primitive.”


Written by Reno Nismara

January 13, 2009 at 8:06 am

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