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The Clock is Ticking-Tocking

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“Tick… tock… tick… tock…,” that’s the sound of the clock, the sound of our reminder, the sound of our boss telling us what to do. Like any boss, the clock still can get confuse sometimes. Actually, it always get confuse.

“Why does it always get confuse?”
That must be the question that is running over your head when you read the first paragraph of this post.

“I have an answer for you.”
That is my response to your question. You better be ready for my answer.

I bet you already realized that a clock is always ticking and tocking 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, or in short 24/7. I believe that you also already realized that a clock has 1-12 as its number.

“What can you determine from you explanations, moron?”
Of course, that must be your response when you read my post at this point.

“Be patient, readers. I will explain the answer. Ready or not, here I come.”
That is my reply when you asked such dumb question.

I determined that a clock is always confused because it always ticking and tocking by making many circles. Why is it always ticking and tocking and making circles? Because it still searching for something that it cannot found, which is the number 13.

“What the fuck are you talking about, idiot?”
Another dumb question from you.

“Nothing, I am just bored.”
Another dumb reply from me.

Another dumb post by me.


Written by Reno Nismara

March 23, 2009 at 6:20 am

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Hunuskan pedang sampai putus
Tanamkan jantung di tanah tandus
Arungi darah yang berarus
Jangan hanya berdiam di dalam kubus

Runcingkan taring
Atas bawah depan belakang samping
Pecahkan semua berkeping-keping
Jangan menunggu semua hingga kering

Tebas semua rintangan
Injak seluruh perasaan kehilangan
Lupakan semua kenangan
Gelap dan terang harus dijalankan

Namun semua hanya mimpi
Tak lebih dari ilusi
Aku hanya bisa bersembunyi
Dan membuat puisi menyedihkan ini

Written by Reno Nismara

March 14, 2009 at 8:45 pm

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Lina Geboy

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Forget Madonna. Forget Britney Spears. Forget Jenna Jameson. Forget Paris Hilton. Forget Christina Aguilera. Forget Inul Daratista. Forget Kim Kardashian. Forget Demi Moore. Forget Luna Maya. Forget Bjork. Forget Grace Slick. Forget Nancy Spungen. Forget Hayley Williams. Forget Maria Ozawa. Forget Alice Glass. Forget Natasha Khan. Forget Agyness Deyn. Forget Lily Allen. Forget Audrey Hepburn. Forget Deborah Harry. Forget Buck Angel. Forget Janis Joplin. Forget Lovefoxxx. Forget Winona Ryder. Forget Nico. Forget Shannyn Sossamon. Forget Dewi Persik. Forget the girl that is sitting beside you. Forget the girl that you made love with. Forget the girl that gave you a lapdance. Forget your mother. This is much sexier. Or not.

I admit it, I was exaggerating. I just want to post this disgusting live performance video from an Indonesian female dangdut singer, but I don’t know what are the reasons to post this video, so I exaggerated by comparing her to almost everybody that are famous, sexy, and controversial, which are her characteristics. Well, she is not actually sexy. Instead, she is cheap. Oh yeah, her name is Lina Geboy. In English, it means The Plump Lina. For your information, she is the hottest, no, the cheapest export from Indonesia. Oh, maybe I want to post the video because I want you to know the example of an Indonesian product, which is quite cheap, quite rubbish, and quite shameful.


Written by Reno Nismara

March 8, 2009 at 9:06 am

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