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Two Decades

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Yes, the big bang has already happened and killed tyrannosaurus and all its kind.

Yes, Adam and Eve have eaten the forbidden fruit.

Yes, Noah’s ark has left the shore.

Yes, Jesus of Nazareth has been crucified.

Yes, the last prophet of Islam is dead.

Yes, Isaac Newton has proved that the earth is round.

Yes, Albert Einstein has his own theory of relativities.

Yes, Hiroshima and Nagasaki has exploded.

Yes, Mark David Chapman has shot John Lennon.

Yes, the disco has ruled the world.

Yes, the teenage angst of grunge has also ruled the world.

Yes, Saddam Hussein has been hung.

Yes, the economy is such an ass.

Yes, a black man has been chosen as a president.

But no, the world has not ended, yet.

It’s not too late to change for the better.

Happy two decades, moron.

Really? Am I that old?


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December 28, 2008 at 12:06 pm

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A Conversation Between Man and God

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Man : “Hello God, how are you?”

God : “Never better, Man. How about you?”

Man : “Quite fine. Thanks to you.”

God : “You are very welcome, Man. But remember, I know everything. I know that there’s something disturbing you. What’s wrong?”

Man : “You got me there, God. Actually, I have many questions about life.”

God : “Really? What is it? Ask me, I am quite certain that I will have the answers to all your questions.”

Man : “Nah. It’s okay. I think it’s better to keep the answers hidden.”

God : “It’s okay, Man. I won’t be mad because of a question from a man.”

Man : “If you insist.”

God : “I’m insisting.”

Man : “Okay then. Hmmm…First question, who made the television set, God?”

God : “It was me. But I used a man named Vladimir Kosma Zworykin and Philo Taylor Farnsworth as the media.”

Man : “Was it two people?”

God : “They share the invention. Zworykin invented the iconoscope and Fansworth invented the electron scanning tube.”

Man : “Nice, even though I don’t know what that means. Next question, may I know who is the maker of cigarette?”

God : “Of course, Man. It was me, but this time the media is the Arawak people of the Caribbean.”

Man : “Wow. Great. You really know everything.”

God : “Remember, Man. I am God.”

Man : “Indeed you are. But I still have questions that I need to ask.”

God : “Sure. Shoot it, Man.”

Man : “Who made all the plants in the universe, God?”

God : “It was me, Man.”

Man : “No media this time?”

God : “No. It was purely me, except the fake ones that your kind made.”

Man : “Nice. What about the animals?”

God : “It was me. No media.”

Man : “Even the dinosaurs?”

God : “Of course.”

Man : “But what about Dolly? Dolly the sheep?”

God : “O yeah. How is she? I remember her. She’s a cute sheep, isn’t she?”

Man : “Yes, she is. You use some scientists as the media, aren’t you?”

God : “Indeed. I only help the scientists. I pitied them.”

Man : “Cool. What about me and all of my kind?”

God : “Me.”

Man : “Even Lou Reed, Kurt Cobain, John Lennon, Jim Morrison, Brian Jones, and Elvis Presley?”

God : “Yup.”

Man : “So you also made Michael Jackson?”

God : “Yup.”

Man : “But why?”

God : “It’s personal.”

Man : “Okay, I get it if you don’t want to tell me. What about the solar system?”

God : “Me.”

Man : “The angels? Gabriel and such?”

God : “Me.”

Man : “The devils? Lucifer and such?”

God : “It was me. Sorry for that.”

Man : “It’s okay, but what about you? Who made you, God?”

God : “Errr…………”

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December 16, 2008 at 6:08 pm

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A Praise

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Actually, I want to write this post weeks ago, but it must wait, because there are other things that are more important, such as college life. Well, this post will talk about a praise that I had weeks ago. A praise that used text messaging as its media. A praise that read like this…

“Son, I have just finished reading your blog. I like it. It was excellent. It shows me the side of you that I didn’t know. Keep it up.”

Yes, it is from my dad. It’s such a surprise that he read my blog, because I never told him the URL of my blog. Know why? I am too shy to tell him about my opinions at something, because he is quite smart himself. Not reasonable? I know. Do you know from who he knows my blog site? Actually, it’s not a who, but a what. You got that right! It’s from my Facebook page. Yes, he has a Facebook page. He’s a 45 year old father of 2 children who has an addiction to a social networking site. Oh yeah, he loves beer and Halle Berry. I guess the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

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December 16, 2008 at 2:19 pm

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What I Think About Mihaly’s 10 Paradoxes

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Mihaly menyatakan ada 10 sikap paradok yang dimiliki oleh orang-orang Kreatif. Tolong analisis dan berikan komentar pribadi Anda terhadap 10 sikap paradok tersebut.

Berikut ini adalah 10 sikap paradok yang dinyatakan oleh Mihaly:

1. Creative people have a great deal of physical energy, but they’re also often quiet and at rest.

2. Creative people tend to be smart yet naive at the same time.

3. Creative people combine playfulness and discipline, or responsibility and irresponsibility.

4. Creative people alternate between imagination and fantasy, and a rooted sense of reality.

5. Creative people trend to be both extroverted and introverted.

6. Creative people are humble and proud at the same time.

7. Creative people, to an extent, escape rigid gender role stereotyping.

8. Creative people are both rebellious and conservative.

9. Most creative people are very passionate about their work, yet they can be extremely objective about it as well.

10. Creative people’s openness and sensitivity often exposes them to suffering and pain, yet also to a great deal of enjoyment.

From Creativity: The Work and Lives of 91 Eminent People, by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, published by HarperCollins, 1996.

Analisis dan komentar Anda (personal bukan kelompok) boleh dalam bahasa Indonesia atau English.


agus Nggermanto

Above is an assignment that my lecturer gave me. Actually, it was given weeks ago, but I am too lazy to do it. So here I am, doing this assignment. Talking about Mihaly’s theory about the characteristics of creative people. Telling you all what do I think about it.

Here’s the deal, for me creativity cannot be measured. Creativity cannot be categorized. Creativity cannot be limited. The bottom line is creative people has their own uniqueness and characteristics at living their life. I am not saying that Mihaly’s theory is wrong, but it’s just not so important for me. What’s the use of giving people knowledge about creative people’s characteristics? Of course it would give us knowledge, but is it the kind of knowledge that is important to us? I don’t think so, because creativity is not based on characteristics, it’s based on everything that are existed in the whole universe. For me, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi should talks about other things that are more important for the sake of creativity, like telling people that creativity knows no limit, because for me that’s the most important thing about creativity.

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December 13, 2008 at 6:51 pm

Anagram Genius

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I always wanted to randomize the letters in my name and turn it into a new and unique sentence. Sadly, I am too lazy to think about the new position of a certain letter in my name.

That sadness won’t last forever because when I browse the internet the other day, I found a software called Anagram Genius. You can download the trial version of it for free at http://www.anagramgenius.com/.

So, after I installed the software and did everything that needs doing, I typed my name on the screen with a keyboard. I typed Reno Nismara, and then the software founded not 1, not 10, not 100, but 1000 different sentences based on the letters in Reno Nismara! The software also rank the anagrams from best to worst based on many things that I don’t know. But the ranking is not quite good, because there are many anagrams that are good for me, but not good enough for the software. Well, taste is relative, isn’t it?

I am sure that you are all interested at what the software did to my name. If you don’t, just pretend that you do, ok? Anyways, these are my 5 personal best of what Anagram Genius did to my name…

1. Iron Man arse.

2. No arse in a Mr.

3. O man! Rare sin.

4. I snore an arm.

5. Main, rare son.

Nice, eh? Now, what you have to do is download the software and compare your results to mine!

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December 8, 2008 at 7:34 am

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