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Those 10 Things

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1. I get obsessed at something quite easily.

Conspiracy theories. Prophecies. TV series. Toys. Musician’s biography. Books. Counter culture. Posters. Science fiction. Manchester United. Movies. CDs. Et cetera et cetera. I collect and browse almost everything that are related to things that I obsessed with.

2. If I’m going to take a shower, there must be hot water.

It’s true. That is why sometimes I don’t take a shower when I go somewhere. It’s because the water is too cold for me, and I can’t stand it.

3. I don’t like night clubs.

I don’t know why, I don’t like the environment there. Maybe it’s because I don’t like seeing people dance to some music that aren’t very danceable.

4. I love junk food.

From instant noodle to french fries, I like them all. There are certain people who said, “Eat junk, then you will become junk”, but aren’t we all?

5. I danced to Billy Idol.

My dad told me this one. Everytime he and my mom played Billy Idol music, I danced like a crazy street punker kid. I was 4 years old?

6. I don’t like watching news shows.

I get this since I was a little kid. Watching news shows just giving me the creeps, it makes my feeling uncomfortable. I prefer news paper.

7. Lou Reed and Kurt Cobain are my music gods.

Both of them are a vocalist/guitarist/the brain in their own band, both of them change the face of music forever, both of them are legends, both of them are geniuses, both of them are rebels, both of them are music gods. Well, at least for me. Sadly, only one of them that is still alive.

8. I drool much.

That’s what I do when I’m sleeping. The drool produced stains on my pillow, and the stains looks like a collection of islands that stinks like anything you would never smell before.

9. Manchester United is the best football club in the whole world and Eric Cantona is the best footballer of all time.

Do I need to explain this to you? I write it lucidly above. And yes, Eric is much better than Pele, Maradona, George Best, Johan Cruyff, et cetera et cetera.

10. I hate this game.

This “10 things” game is not very enjoyable and very time consuming. Other than that, I don’t get much freedom at writing this post, because the theme of the post is already decided by someone I don’t know. Where is my freedom of writing goes? After I said those things of why I hated this game, you must be confused why do I write this post instead of ignoring it? Simple. I respect my friends who has invited me to write this post, but unfortunately I won’t continue this game. I won’t tag other people, for the sake of freedom writing.


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November 26, 2008 at 8:05 am

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Hampa, Kosong, Nihil, Nol

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Hampa. Aku serupa dupa, yang menyala tanpa apa-apa.

Kosong. Aku seperti anjing yang menggonggong, muak terhadap semua yang serba bolong.

Nihil. Aku selayak kail, yang terus menarik tanpa ada hasil.

Nol. Aku bagai matras jebol, yang tenggelam dalam rutinitas tolol.

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November 21, 2008 at 11:31 am

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The Man Behind that Famous Obama Poster

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I am sure that you have seen this picture…


But, have you ever seen this man?


He is the maker of that new U.S.A.’s president poster. He is a contemporary artist, graphic designer, and illustrator who emerged from the skateboarding scene. He garnered counter culture acclaim in the 90’s because of his propaganda campaign that he made for Obey Giant Clothing. He’s also the founder for that clothing company. His name is Shephard Fairey.

No, I won’t make a short biography about that man. I just want to talk about his art by showing you his works, which are completely over shadowed by his Obama campaign.

Without more talking, I present the works of the man behind that famous Obama poster (in 3 categories)…

1. Politics


2. World Icons


3. Musicians


Pretty cool, huh?

Oh by the way, like many great artists before him, Shephard Fairey is also accused of being a plagiator. Here are some of the example…


Quite similar, of course. In fact, it is very similar. The similarity of those arts decrease my fondness towards him. Maybe he did that because he agrees with what a famous surrealist painter Salvador Dali has to said. Dali said, “Those who do not want to imitate anything, produce nothing.” Well, aside from the similarity of the arts above, I really love the way he plays with colors and logos.


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November 17, 2008 at 7:50 am

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Mr. Dylan is a Hypocrite

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Bob Dylan is a legend. A genius. A hero. A prophet. And so on and so on. Oh yeah, he is also a hypocrite.


Stop yelling for a minute there. Don’t get me wrong, I love Bob Dylan, he’s a great artist, great musician, and great lyricist. But I hate the fact that he is a hypocrite and I hate hypocrites.

How do I know that he’s a hypocrite?

I googled “Bob Dylan’s quotes”. Guess what two Bob Dylan’s quotes that I found on a quote site?

“You don’t necessarily have to write to be a poet. Some people work in gas stations and they’re poets. I don’t call myself a poet because I don’t like the word. I’m a trapeze artist.”


“I consider myself a poet first and a musician second. I live like a poet and I’ll die like a poet.”

What do you think? Is he a hypocrite or not by making those two very different quotes? I have said before that I hate hypocrites, but after I discovered that Bob Dylan is a hypocrite, I still love him. It means that I am a hypocrite too.


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November 16, 2008 at 5:00 pm

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I Am What I Am

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I am the right handed Kurt Cobain.

I am the straight Andy Warhol.

I am the happy Ian Curtis.

I am the white Barrack Obama.

I am the unholy Mother Theresa.

I am the altruistic Lou Reed.

I am the sexy Beth Ditto.

I am the realist Salvador Dali.

I am the horny Pope John Paul.

I am the serious Frank Zappa.

I am the racist Nelson Mandela.

I am the logical Michel Gondry.

I am the idealistic Britney Spears.

I am the poor Bill Gates.

I am the sober Timothy Leary.

I am the idiot Albert Einstein.

I am the moslem Jesus Christ.

Written by Reno Nismara

November 16, 2008 at 10:21 am

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The Most Magical Noise in the Whole World

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Music. I always think that music is a well thought out noises, and those noises are full of magical things. For me, the 5 most magical noise or in other words the 5 best songs of all time are…

1. Venus in Furs by The Velvet Underground.


Who said that out of tune is always bad? Just hear this song out first and they will change their mind way before Lou Reed started feeling tired and weary. The blended noise of an out of tune vocal, an out of tune guitar, an out of tune violin, a bassline that could give anyone the feeling of a stab in the heart, the simple drumming, and of course the lyrics by Lou Reed. Personal favorite lyrics in this song? That chilling refrain, of course. “I am tired, I am weary/I could sleep for thousand years/A thousand dream that would awake me/Different colours made of tears”. That part is giving me the chills. No shit.

2. When You Sleep by My Bloody Valentine.


Remember the melody? Yes, that one. That melody alone is enough to make this song included in my best songs of all time list. Don’t get me wrong, there are many reasons of why I put this song on the second best of my list, but explaining the melody is quite enough.

3. Race for the Prize by The Flaming Lips


Ever felt like you just being born into the earth with an important mission completed with a big-epic-grandeur entrance? No? Hear this song and you will feel so. For me, this is a song with the most epic intro ever produced. This is another sample of how genius Wayne Coyne and Steve Drozd really are.

4. Not to Touch the Earth by The Doors.


A song filled with mysticity and a beautifully dark poem by the eccentric Jim Morrison. The music felt like running away from a cold dark place named earth. Then to make it perfect, the music is accompanied by Jim Morrison’s depression at living in this corrupted world. Beautiful. This is gothic at its finest.

5. None. Yeah, none. This space is emptied, because there are still many songs that will be release in the future. And this empty space is for them. Who knows if there will be some great new music, better than The Rolling Stones’ Gimme Shelter, The Beatles’ Within You Without You, Neutral Milk Hotel’s Oh Comely, Nirvana’s Love Buzz, Sonic Youth’s Disconnection Notice, Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds’ Red Right Hand, Jeff Buckley’s Dream Brother, Spiritualized’s I Think I’m in Love, Nick Drake’s Things Behind the Sun, Pink Floyd’s Lucifer Sam, or even Bob Dylan’s Rainy Day Women #12 & 35.

Agree? Disagree? Either way, tell me what’s on your list of the most magical noise in the whole world.

Written by Reno Nismara

November 12, 2008 at 9:39 am

The Youth is Starting to Change

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MGMT. Anybody ever heard of this band? This is a good band. They have been dubbed as the leader of neo psychedelia movement that has been around these days. But for me, the psychedelic formulas in this band are just in their fashion style and in their lyrics, which sometimes are related to mysticity and counter culture. For me, the music itself is electronic funk. Just listen to tracks like Time to Pretend, Electric Feel, Kids, and many more that are available on their debut album, which was smartly titled Oracular Spectacular.


Well, my intention at writing this post is not to talk about MGMT’s album or even MGMT as a band. I want to talk about MGMT’s lyrics. Specifically, their song that is called Youth. The lyrics from this song is very suitable for people like me and anyone who is at their final year at college. Why? Because this lyrics talked about our youth. Our final moment at college life. Our final moment at being a youth before we graduate from college. Our final moment before we let our idealism goes away. Our final moment before…well, before everything gets worse. But hopefully we could make it through.

this is a call of arms to live and love and sleep together
we could flood the streets with love or light or heat whatever
lock the parents out, cut a rug, twist and shout
wave your hands
make it rain
for stars will rise again

the youth is starting to change
are you starting to change?
are you?

in a couple of years
tides have turned from booze to tears
and in spite of the weather
we could learn to make it together

the youth is starting to change
are you starting to change?
are you?

the youth

Written by Reno Nismara

November 10, 2008 at 3:54 am

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