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A Breakthrough in the Graphic Novel World

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Ever seen this logo in a bookstore (especially comic book store)?

For all of you who said yes, just shut up for a bit. I want to explain a thing or two about this creative graphic novel publishing company to those who said no.

First thing, let me tell you that Vertigo Comics is an imprint of DC Comics (I don’t have to explain this major comic publisher who is responsible for the story of Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman, do I?) that is founded in 1993 by Karen Berger, who was originally the assistant editor at DC Comics. The graphic novels that are publish by Vertigo Comics is quite unique, because it is marketed for late teen and adult readers. This kind of thing is very rare in the major comic industry in United States, because in United States people usually loves simple superhero stories. But Vertigo Comics? They publish an alternative for those who are bored with a simple superhero stories. What are the alternatives? Quite like these…

From all those covers above, we could see that Vertigo Comics is giving their late teen and adult readers some fresh, sophisticated, and quality alternative graphic novels. The graphic novels from Vertigo are usually contains graphic violence, crude humor, foul language, sex and nudity, drug use, and controversial subjects in the form of horror and fantasy genres. But that doesn’t mean that Vertigo Comics is just using controversial matters to make them famous, because they balance the controversial subjects with quality storytellings, smart dialogs, great pacing, colorful characters, and of course uniquely interesting artwork. Want prove? The company have won many Eisner Awards (Academy Awards equivalent for comic books), including Best Continuing Series (Sandman, Preacher, 100 Bullets, and Fables). There are also some Vertigo Comics’ graphic novels that are already being adapted to the big screen, like V for Vendetta, Hellblazer (Constantine), A History of Violence, and Stardust.
Still want prove? Here, I give you a synopsis of my favorite title from Vertigo Comics, which is Preacher, and you tell me whether it’s just controversy or quality. Deal?
Preacher tells the story of Jesse Custer, a depressed preacher in the small Texas town of Annville. Custer was accidentally possessed by the supernatural creature named Genesis in an incident which killed his entire congregation and destroyed his church. Genesis, the product of the unauthorized, unnatural coupling of an angel and a demon, is an infant with no sense of individual will. However, as it is composed of both pure goodness and pure evil, it might have enough power to rival that of God himself. In other words, Jesse Custer, bonded to Genesis, may have become the most powerful being in the whole of living existence. Custer, driven by a strong sense of right and wrong, goes on a journey across the United States attempting to (literally) find God, who abandoned heaven the moment Genesis was born. He also begins to discover the truth about his new powers, which allow him to command the obedience of those who hear his words. He is joined by his old girlfriend Tulip O’Hare, as well as a hard drinking Irish vampire named Cassidy.
Before this post reach the end, I have to confess first that I completely snatch that synopsis straight from Wikipedia, with a bit editing of course. But I did that just for you, so you can get the most detailed synopsis about Preacher. If I made the synopsis myself, I am not sure that you can get a detailed synopsis. By the way, what do you think about Preacher based on the synopsis? Is it quality or simply controversial? For me, it is both, with a twist.

Written by Reno Nismara

September 26, 2008 at 2:24 pm

4 Responses

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  1. mnurut gw jg 22nya.. quality krn sgt edukatif, kontrofersial krn insane.. berhubung gw sukanya sama yg absurd2 jd gw akui vertigo ini memang sangatlah kreatif.. sama halnya dengan teori dialektika yg gw plajarai semenjak smp bersama budiman sudjatmiko yg jg sgt edukatif tp ya gitu kontrofersi.. great job sev!!


    September 26, 2008 at 3:41 pm

  2. gak ada kontroversial2nya dah,ga tau si klo perbandingan sama graphic novel yang laen semacam saint saia, gundala dan lain lain.tapi kualiti mah pasti lah klo ngga ngapain diulas sama bung reno..ya gak? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOTT

    siapa ya

    September 30, 2008 at 1:26 pm

  3. maaf deh gw ga sehigh class dan ga sepintar bung siapa ya. tp drpd naruto? apa bedanya ama dragon ball, hunter x hunter, dll. cape tau gt2 aja


    October 2, 2008 at 4:30 pm

  4. bung, Y the lastman nya lanjutin napa!


    October 14, 2008 at 10:48 am

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